COVID-19 Compliance To Help Employees and Customers Stay Healthy

  • Get back to business, safely
  • Mitigate company risk and liability
  • Protect your most valuable assets

Helping Businesses Get Back to Business, Safely

As a service provider to essential businesses for over a decade, ServRx saw a need to help pharmacies and other essential businesses keep their staff protected from infection and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. ServRx has created the most affordable and effective return to work solution available, ServRTW. A complete end to end solution with daily COVID compliance health surveys and point of entry thermal imaging and facial recognition. The process is simple and only takes about 30 seconds to complete. Employee responses allow the system to make automated recommendations.

  • “Please proceed to work.”
  • “Please stay at home and a supervisor will reach out to you.”
  • “Immediately schedule a COVID test here…”

Employers collect HIPAA compliant information regarding their employees’ symptoms, and when they started, so your business can easily comply with local quarantine and isolation recommendations.

Temperature scanning is done at the point of entry with thermal imaging and facial recognition kiosks. The kiosk has integration for HR and door access keycard systems. Manual forehead scans are not recommended for HIPAA compliance and social distancing. To limit the spread of infection, companies should use automated thermal imaging kiosks.

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Pricing for Businesses of Any Size

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*Optional thermal imaging kiosk purchase ($2595) is not included in the subscription plan.

500+ Employees


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